Heist Barber Collective

ss2013 / Singapore

Heist is a creative crew (made up of Mervyn, Jamie, Alisha, Moses, Art, Mie and Cenydd) who are passionate about the golden age of barbershops and plying the long forgotten trade. Paying homage to an era of style and swag, the mobile crew does not own a shop, instead they gather and set up their old school barber chairs and tools wherever the occasion calls for it. Heist was officially founded in August 2011 by Mervyn, Jamie, Mie and Cenydd. Accordingly to the founding members, they literally ’head-butted’ each other on the streets of Orchard Road for some street snaps. They stayed in touch through Facebook and started to hang out and bond over clever advertising and good design while romancing with all things old and vanishing, especially the trade of barbering. Casual conversations soon turned into serious love and actual action – Heist was born. Step by step, the Heist crew looks forward to having a physical barber shop to call its own in the near future. With this, it hopes to do more to change the mindsets of others that barbering is actually sustainable and not just another sunset industry sailing into the horizon.